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How to get version and patch info for IBM Security products

What FixPack or Patch Level Am I On?

For additional assistance refer to and select the specific product
The following table lists the best ways to find out product/patch levels for the major Tivoli Security products and their middleware.

Product Supplied Utility Linux UNIX Windows Notes
ITAMeb pdversion rpm -qa | grep PD  Same with installp -l or pkglist
ITAMOS pdosversion rpm -qa | grep PDOS  "
ITAMBI pdmqd -version
ITDS ldapsearch -e or idsldapsearch -e rpm -qa | grep idsldap  "
ITDI  Check for fixpack<n>.properties file  same  same  3.
ITFIM  rpm -qa | grep FIM rpm -qa | grep FIM  "
ITIM  Check or UI login page same same 2.
ITIMx  Check or UI login page same same 2.
ITSCM  Help screen in UI  same  same
WAS <WAS home>/bin/
DB2 db2level rpm -qa | grep IBM_db2  "   1.
IHS apachectl -V 4 rpm -qa | grep IHS  "
GSKit  rpm -qa | grep gsk  "  Use gsk#ver (such as gsk7ver)
IBM Java java -version or java -fullversion rpm -qa | grep IBMJava2  "

1 You will need to match the product level with the Additional Information section below to find the fixpack. 2 File is in <itim home>/data. 3 File, if present, is in the <itdi home> directory.
Additional Information Sometimes (but not always) an upgrade will leave files to indicate what patches have been applied.
ITDI FixPacks FixPacks to v6.0 of ITDI has a file called ITDI_INSTALL>/fixpack<n>.properties. So theoretically the highest numbered one of these will tell you what FP you're on.
ITIM Version/Fixpack The file (<itim home>/data) is updated when a fixpack is applied. If you look at the top of the file you will see an entry similar to:

# Messages for html pages
# Sapphire Web Gui
# Copyright IBM
# dotNET VERSION 1.3.0
copyright=&amp;#169; 1999-2003&amp;#x20;IBM. All Rights Reserved.&lt;br/&gt;\
Tivoli Identity Manager 4.5.1 FP58 Build {0}
detailedCopyright=&amp;#169; 1999-2002 IBM. All rights reserved.&lt;br/&gt;\
        IBM, the Identity Manager logo, and Identity Manager are trademarks of IBM.
nochxboxchecked=No entry checked, Please check one or more entries.
subMenuCue=Select an option
refreshButtonAltKey=Refresh list

You can see Tivoli Identity Manager 4.5.1 FP58.

ITFIM Info The FIM runtime version can be seen on the RuntimeNodeManagement panel in ISC. Alternatively, you can look at $FIM_HOME/kg/ and look at the value. For FIM WSSM look at the $FIM_HOME/wssm/ file, looking for 1

On Windows:

  • SAM Policy Server, Authorization Server, Webseal - D:\Program Files\IBM\tivoli\Policy Director\bin\pdversion
  • Tivoli Directory Server - D:\Program Files\IBM\LDAP\V6.2\bin\idsversion.cmd
  • DB2 - D:\Program Files\IBM\LDAP\V6.2\bin\db2level, <Install_Drive>:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\bin\db2level.exe
  • WebSphere Application Server for SAM Web Portal Manager, ITDS web administration tool and SIM - D:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\bin\versionInfo.bat
  • SIM - Login to ITIM(SIM) administration console and click on about link in the bottom of left side pane
  • Tivoli Directory Integrator - start TDI editor and record "build info" string from the splash screen
  • GSK <Install_Drive>:\Program Files\IBM\gsk\idsilist -a

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