IBM Security Directory Integrator Fixes

Installer fails on Windows 2012 R2

Set the the installer to run in "Windows 7 Compatability mode"

  1. Right click on install_tdiv711_win_x86_64.exe
  2. Go to Troubleshoot Compatibility--> Try recommended Settings--> Test the Program

Fixing the installation if install fails and nothing else helps

Uninstall the installer:
from Program Files\IBM\Common\acsi run:

setenv (ignore if not present)
si_inst.bat -r

then delete the remnants manually restart the installer.
Make sure you are completely happy with this solution as it removes the entire SI registry. I have found a couple of alternatives to this from the SI team:
Back up the SI registry with the command:
You can then restore with the command:

(This means you need to previously save a backup at a time when registry is good. :-) )
2) You can remove a product's entry with the following:
manageiu -o delete -p <full path + file name to install archive> -r <install location>

These commands are run from Program Files\IBM\Common\acsi after the setenv command is run.

DSML2 feed does not seem to work

Double check the user name password and the search base. If any of these are incorrect or have not been created/configured on ITIM side it will fail with no error mesages

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